Multiple Benefits of Childbirth Awareness and Education

 An easier, more comfortable, safer birth is vitally important in our modern world for babies, pregnant women, families, medical providers, the economy, and the whole community.  In fact, it is vitally important for World Peace. 

 Awareness and education about the importance of the pregnancy and birth experience, as well as tools & techniques to make it easier, more comfortable and safer are readily available and extremely low cost.  This knowledge and these tools are not contrary to the current medical system, rather work in collaboration towards a common goal:  easier, more comfortable, safer birth for women and babies and for the medical community as well. 

 By bringing together the incredible developments of science, the good intentions of medical professionals, and the cooperation of families having babies with the knowledge of and trust in nature’s design for birth, everyone benefits.  And the benefits ripple out far beyond the individuals involved. 

  • Takes the stress out of birth
  • Puts the family and the sacredness of life in the center
  • Teaches mind/body health and wholeness
  • Most important >> For the Baby

 “It’s easier to build a peaceful child than repair a violent adult”
Colman McCarthy, Center For Teaching Peace

see Multiple Benefits for more on the above about health & wholeness for mothers and babies and the medical profession.

see Positive, Joyful Birth about what is Natural Childbirth, HypnoBirthing, how yoga helps, birth stories and a beautiful birth affirmation.

see Peace, Violence and Birth about what a peaceful birth looks like, obstetrical violence, the origins of violence, spiritual motherhood, effecting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing.

see Prenatal Psychology about the secret life of the unborn child and what parents and others can do optimize the primary phase of life from pre-conception to after birth.

see Development of the Incarnating Soul to learn more about the science, research and practical implications of acknowledging babies as conscious, sentient beings.

see Resources / Books for fabulous resources, book reviews and articles.

The natural reward of the physical achievement of pregnancy and parturition is not only a beloved possession, but an endowment of spiritual force enhancing the receptivity of divine guidance in motherhood.  From this inestimable gift emerges the power of mother love, which forms the pattern of the infant's psyche as surely as mother's milk fashions its physique.
Grantly Dick-Read M.D., Childbirth Without Fear, 1944


Salute To The Child

A very special prenatal yoga practice modeled after Soorya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation. The words and images to help you learn the routine are here.

This beautiful routine and prayer to the incarnating child was created by Liz Schneider in the early 1990's while she was working with Sylvia Klein Olkin, a pioneer in teaching pre-natal and mother/baby yoga and author of Positive Pregnancy Fitness and Positive Parenting Fitness.  We have not been able to find Liz yet to ask for her permission to post this publicly but it is so special, we did not want to withhold it any longer.  If anyone knows Liz, please connect us!  In the meantime, we hope she will feel honored and blessed, as we do, to share this creation.

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for Mothers of unborn, newly born, or children of any age

*   Be happy (without stressing over times when you are not)  *

*    Do yoga   *

*    Allow yourself to bond with your child   *

*    Feed yourself positive thoughts
(and avoid negative reading, media, & people)   *

*   Choose professional providers that you like   *

*    Connect with like-minded community   *

*    Respect advice but Trust your intuition   *