What is Shanti Yoga Center for Harmony?

Shanti is the Sanskrit word for peace and Yoga is the practice or set of practices for Self-Realization. Therefore, SHANTI YOGA can be interpreted as the search for peace through Self-Realization.

Peace is the most desirable condition for man as an entity and for the world as a whole. It is very difficult to achieve global peace, no matter how many treaties or covenants are signed, especially if those who are supposed to abide by them or sign them do not have peace themselves.

We believe that if every individual tried to work only on himself, striving to achieve a personal state of peace, there will be no need for treaties or covenants. Even though it seems as unreal as global peace, we aim to provide an environment where people can work to obtain a true sense of peace, an internal peace, a state such that those who have obtained it or are even on their way start radiating it to their environment, becoming “centers for harmony,” thus not only setting an example but emanating this all-encompassing vibration of love and compassion that brings us to the consciousness that we are all one.

With the regular practice of yoga we learn to live every day more fully and aware. The development of discipline encompasses our physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, leading us to the attainment of internal peace that will enable us to understand more clearly the essence of our spirit and to realize the miracle of our existence.

Surya Namaskar

Sun Salutation

Victor (Vyasa) Landa has taught Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, as a daily practice for not only physical well-being as it exercises muscles, joints, lymph, breath, heart and more but as a spiritual practice to daily remember and recommit to our personal evolution.  He wrote an invocation to recite along with 12 names of the sun to coincide with the 12 positions of the Surya Namaskar.

The School of Life community would like to share with You this beautiful practice as he taught us.  You may print the words from the boxes below to follow along and learn it for yourself.  The first box is as it is said in the video.  The second and third can be used to practice the invocation and mantras separately if you wish as you go through the sun salutation routine.


We would also like to share some inspirations from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. 

-Below is a reading Vyasa gives on the Asanas for Strength 90 min tape of yoga instruction he made back in the 1980's (now available on CD). 

-See this series of inspiring and practical Sunrise Meditations to start the day.

To learn more about Master Aivanhov and his teachings. see Prosveta.com.



from Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Surya Namaskar sculpture at Indira Gandhi International Airport

Surya Namaskar sculpture at Indira Gandhi International Airport

Learn to look at the sun with the thought that your consciousness is drawing closer to your own center, the spirit, your higher self in the desire to become one with it; but, before you can do this, you must mobilize all your thoughts and desires and even the tendencies of your lower nature in pursuit of a high ideal.  When man succeeds in unifying the chaotic forces that tear him apart and directs them all towards one luminous salutary goal he becomes such a powerful focal point that, like the sun, he is capable of radiating light all around him.  Yes, when a man has freed himself by settling all his own problems, he can begin to concern himself with the whole of humanity; and then, he resembles the sun.  He knows such freedom that the scope of is consciousness expands to the dimensions of the whole human race on which he pours out all the love overflowing from his heart.

 If hundreds and thousands of people on earth were capable of dedicating themselves to this work, we should soon feel a new breath of life stirring amongst men; and, one find day mankind will wake up to find itself completely transformed.

 It’s a wonderful thought to keep in mind whenever you are doing your practice of Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation.