Intro to Aromatherapy

Intro to Flower Essences

Sample Aromatherapeutic Blends & Helpful Tips

Lifestyle Suggestions for Optimal Well-Being to Use in Conjunction with Aromatherapy and Flower Essences



Through guided personal reflection and one on one discussion, we will explore together the issues needing attention, weighing both their urgency in your life and your readiness to address them.  Typically one starts with one blend for about a month, and then as the first issues resolve, secondary issues often surface. Flower essences and essential oils can be used to address short term situations, or can become a life-time practice for gentle self-exploration and healing.



Initial Meeting: $45 (up to 90 mins) 

Follow-Up Meetings: $30 (up to 30 mins)

Essential Oil and/or Essence Blends: $8 each

 All first time meetings require a follow up.

To make an appointment

E-mail Durga or call 301 654 4899

Preparing for Your Initial Meeting