The teachings of the great masters state that the human being is a microcosm of the macrocosm; that when we learn about ourselves, we learn about the universe. Swadyaya – Know Thyself. They also teach Oneness, that we are part of a whole and what we think, say and do affects the whole, like drops in the ocean, trees in a forest, cells in a body.

Just as the microscope and telescope have opened up worlds smaller and larger than our eyes can see, the spiritual science of yoga provides tools to explore and perfect our Selves our inner world, the community around us and the universe in all its entirety.

In the early 1980’s when the Shanti Yoga Center for Harmony began, yoga was little known in the US and greatly misunderstood. Now one can find yoga classes in almost every neighborhood. Over the years, guided by Victor (Vyasa) Landa, this community has studied and practiced the many aspects of yoga, which include alternative health and diet lifestyles, and the teachings of various masters and spiritual traditions. We have confirmed and emphasized the commonalities between science and religion, between various religions, and between nature and nurture and applied this to our personal experience of life. We have seen clearly the universal truths in the various teachings and have found tools to improve and enrich our lives and those around us. We work to utilize this knowledge to help create the new world that is at our doorstep.

The School of Life Educational Society was created to foster ethical and healthy lifestyles to prepare us physically, mentally and spiritually to realize the Spirit that is within us and in the world. We aim therefore to offer a practical system based on natural, spiritual and cosmic laws demonstrating that all of man’s material and spiritual needs can be acquired without struggle with right knowledge and right living.

Om Shanti,
May Peace Be With You