a project by:
Sonia Doi, MD, PhD, President of the US Spiritist Medical Association, and
Lakshmi Landa, School of Life, Essene Church of Peace


As many people intuitively feel, and as we learn from HypnoBirthing, the mind, emotions and environment have a strong influence on the process of conception and pregnancy as they do in birth and parenting.  In this presentation, we would like to share with you the studies of prenatal psychology that validate this concept; but, as we will see, it goes beyond mental, emotional, environmental influences, and includes the spiritual--- not in the sense of religion but to help us understand and answer a practical question of where we come from, what we come with and what we can do with this knowledge. 

 We know that not everyone in the general population, not all pregnant couples, not all doctors or other professionals who work or teach in maternity services may be familiar with or believe in or are even interested in this concept.  To You who are interested, the attraction to this subject may come from different sources but the important thing is that you recognize it as coming from within.  Some may simply be curious, some may have heard stories and want to know more, others may be looking for evidence to convince themselves or others of out of body consciousness.  If You are a parent or parent-to-be, perhaps this topic tuned you in to the spark that was ignited when you first realized you were pregnant or when you first thought of having a baby.  If you are a professional caregiver, perhaps to that part of you that was first inspired to work with pregnancy, birth and babies,…. or to the first time you saw a baby emerge from a human body. 

This project includes:

First: the solid basis to address mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual influences on conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Then, we address our opportunity and our responsibility in assisting the incorporation of the incarnating soul.  We will explore ways to guide clients to tap their inner resources, including spiritual assistance, as well as a calm, focused and welcoming perspective at all stage of bringing a baby into the world.  This will include helping parents deal with fears of unwanted or “imperfect” babies based on the law of reincarnation as a program for Spiritual atonement and progress. 

Finally, we hope that all of us, not only as professionals but as parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and neighbors, can learn together about the incredible and beautiful world of Spirit and how to tap our own inner resources to touch our own Spirit and one another for the betterment and evolution of Humankind and this planet where we reside.

For a more complete outline of the project, scroll down to the end of this page.


Development of the Incarnating Soul

This article introduces the concepts of prenatal and peri-natal research, consciousness of babies,  birth, bonding and the development of the maternal instincts; -- by Lakshmi Landa, published in the newsletter Health of the Soul, Sept 2014, or downloadable version here.


Assisting the Development of the Incarnating Soul

This PowerPoint presentation offers solid basis to explain why and how emotional, spiritual and environmental influences affect conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Studies from Primal Health Research, children’s memories of past lives, and basic principles of Cosmic Law as they apply to birth, death and reincarnation are included.  Presentation given at the 2013 HypnoBirthing Conclave.


Parental Preparation for the Incarnating Soul

This PowerPoint presentation introduces concepts of how parents and professionals can prepare for and support the baby and mother at conception, pregnancy, birth and the hours after birth and the impact on the family and community.  Given at the Spiritist Medical Congress, 2014.  Spiritual and scientific pioneers in this field are introduced. 

This version of the presentation is a short summary of the above for parents expecting a baby.


Resource List

This Resource List for Assisting Development of the Unborn Child provides several websites, a film and books on Spiritism, research in Prenatal Psychology & reincarnation, and several eye-opening books for anyone interested in life and consciousness.  

We are the first generation to see and know the wonders of conception and development of the human from embryo to birth. 
David Chamberlain, Windows To The Womb


The Scientific Approach to Reincarnation and the Journey of souls After Death, by Dr. Michael Newton

The Resonant Heart by Rollin McCraty, PhD, Director of Research of the Institute of HeartMath along with Raymond Trevor Bradley and Dana Tomasino.

Experimental Birthmarks: New Cases of an Asian Practice by Jim B. Tucker, Division of Perceptual Studies, University of Virginia

Brief history/description of the scientific techniques used to open to the window to the womb summarized from "Windows to the Womb" By David Chamberlain



Is There Life After Birth?



Outline of the Development of the Incarnating Soul Project

1.     Study and share knowledge of the consciousness of the unborn. 

2.     Provide reliable evidence, particularly to doctors, nurses, other hospital staff members, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators and others working with pregnancy and birth, of how environment and attitude can impact the incoming baby – influences that can manifest later in the newborn’s life and that may affect the mother (and father) during the pregnancy, labor or bonding with the child.

3.     Relate the concept of consciousness and Spirit (Soul), out-of-body consciousness, and past-life regression experiences.

4.     Relate information from experts in science and from Spiritism* that support the idea of gestation as a path for the consciousness (or soul) to unite with a body in the process of being born into this world.

5.     How to help parents to accept unplanned and “imperfect” children by understanding the principles of Natural and Cosmic Laws as they apply to birth, death and re-embodiment.  Address the impact of pre-natal testing for birth defects in this regard.

6.     Help to build a program to assist parents-to-be using a holistic/integrative approach understanding the unborn child as a Spirit with the ability to perceive and to respond to sentiments and changes in its immediate or distant environment. The concepts laid will help the parents-to-be and related family to recognize the power of unconditional love as the most effective tool to assist the development of the incarnating soul. This will give rise to broad ramifications for the capacity to express love and care to society and the earth upon which we live.


*For a brief explanation of Spiritism see About Spiritism from, website of the Spiritist Medical Association.