What Is The School of Life?

Human beings long for peace in themselves, their families, their communities and the world.  We want to know the meaning of life and to experience happiness.  Unfortunately, happiness is believed to come from worldly things, which offer temporary satisfaction, but it must be realized that true happiness can only come from within.  We must strive to raise our awareness, our consciousness, so that we may experience God intimately and receive the love that is our birthright. The limited materialistic view of life has led to denial of the validity of spiritual existence that coexists within.  This is the source of all confusion and suffering that pervades society.

The School Of Life Educational Society was created to foster ethical and healthy lifestyles to prepare us physically, mentally, and spiritually to realize and awaken the spirit that is alive within us and in the world.  We believe that limitation and over-abundance are both artificial and unnatural states producing the vicious cycles of fear and revolt in society with the rich and poor alike suffering the consequences.  Therefore, our aim is to offer a God-centered, inter-faith, practical social system based on natural, spiritual and cosmic laws demonstrating that all of man’s material needs can be acquired without struggle and with right knowledge and right living.

The teaching at the School of Life is

values-based, multi-faceted and experiential through study, conscious living, and karma yoga (service); 

with tools that help navigate the present world of stress, violence, materialism, competition, individualism, etc.;

and tools to get to know and explore the inner world while striving for a balance between our spiritual and material lives

Externally, we have chosen the focal points of supporting the healing of planet earth and bringing peace through the practice of non-violence which are defined through various projects inspired and supported by the School of Life members

Therefore, the mission of the School of Life is multi-faceted and interconnected:

  • To contribute to the spiritual evolution of individuals
  • To serve the community and society as a whole
  • To apply natural, spiritual and cosmic laws in a practical social system
  • To support healing of the planet and replacing violence with love and respect