Multiple Benefits of Childbirth
Awareness and Education

 An easier, more comfortable, safer birth is vitally important in our modern world for babies, pregnant women, families, medical providers, the economy, and the whole community.  In fact, it is vitally important for World Peace. 

 Awareness and education about the importance of the pregnancy and birth experience, as well as tools & techniques to make it easier, more comfortable and safer are readily available and extremely low cost.  This knowledge and these tools are not contrary to the current medical system, rather work in collaboration towards the same goal:  easier, more comfortable, safer birth for women and babies and for the medical community as well. 

 By bringing together the incredible developments of science, the good intentions of medical professionals, and the cooperation of families having babies with the knowledge of and trust in nature’s design for birth, everyone benefits.  And the benefits ripple out far beyond the individuals involved. 

  • Takes the stress out of birth
  • Puts the family and the sacredness of life in the center
  • Teaches mind/body health and wholeness
  • Most important >> For the Baby


1.  For the baby – Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health

a.  Research validates affect of pregnancy and birth on child’s health and psychology

b.  Open us to understanding babies are conscious, sensitive human beings

2.  Takes the stress out of birth

a.  Benefits everyone:  baby, mother, family, medical personnel, health care system

b.  Better results: 

  • Less birth complications
  • Less “compromised” babies at birth
  • Less cost
  • Less drugs (which do cross the placenta and affect baby)
  • Less stress and fear for everyone involved
  • MORE PEACE in the world

3.  Puts the family and the sacredness of life in the center

a.  Normal birth is a family event - not a medical event,  not an illness

b.  Normal birth can be empowering for the woman, greatly enhancing:

  • Maternal development:  the bonding/relationship with baby and confidence as a mother; reducing or eliminating post-partum depression
  • Bonding as a couple, family
  • Respect for creation: the human condition, the new life, all of life

c.  The medical profession is free to concentrate on true risk

4.  Teaches mind/body health and wholeness

a.  Parents and professionals learn how, in proper conditions, the body works harmoniously to bring about positive results

b.  Mother, father (and baby too) learn the ability of mind to control body

c.  Can apply teachings to any and all health conditions (physical, mental, emotional)

d.  Parents can use this knowledge in raising children