The School of Life is a yoga-centered spiritual community created to foster ethical and healthy lifestyles to prepare us physically, mentally and spiritually to realize the Spirit that is within us and in the world. A core group of 6 residents live together with others in an ashram of 2 houses to practice yoga as a way of life under the teachings of our founder and Guru Victor (Vyasa) Landa and to share the teachings and lifestyle with the larger community.

All our welcome to attend classes, programs, events and satsang (spiritual gatherings). One may also participate in the community through the special organizations created as a further contribution to society. The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and environment is supported by Spiritual Food for the New Millennium with a local CSA and national mail order service. Our non-profit sister organization, Global Coalition for Peace offers programs aimed at replacing violence with love and respect. The Essene Church of Peace delves into ancient teachings and practices, complimentary to yoga, from original teachings of Jesus Christ and aims to preach by example and worship through service.

 We consider that family refers to those in our immediate environment through contact in daily life whether relatives, friends, associates, the shopkeeper or the homeless person on the corner.

Therefore, the spiritual practice of service to the community (called Karma Yoga) finds a clear expression through the programs and organizations and offers the opportunity for self-development.

Yoga is experiential. We study, practice, observe and experiment. We strive for a balance between our spiritual and material lives. At the School of Life, students are encouraged to follow the path they are most suited for [see Paths of Yoga] and each person must decide to what extent and at what pace to participate. It is not important whether one is experimenting with a new way of life or feels ready for a lifetime commitment. What really matters is each individual‘s spiritual development and our purpose is simply to support this process.

 Summary of the various ways to participate at the School of Life:

 * Classes – Hatha Yoga exercise and pranayama, Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and more

Services – natural health care, diet, retreats, resources

Satsang – group meditation, song, interfaith prayer, spiritual discussion, Agnihotra

Farm Food – 3 programs that support our health and healing of the planet earth

Events and celebrations – Guest Speakers, seasonal programs, or field trips

* Volunteer / Self-less Service – opportunities with CSA, Essene Church, GCFP, and daily life at the ashram.

Visitors and Overnight Guests

Residential Opportunities

Immersion program – 3 months to delve into yoga as a way of life

* Aspirants – active members of the School of Life

Our spiritual community is one based on trust, honesty, love, compassion, understanding and care for each other as brothers and sisters striving to practice the virtues and spiritual laws in daily life. It does not expect members to be perfect, rather allows them to evolve by learning to overlook their instinctive sympathies and antipathies and instead, focus on methods and conditions that help us to grow and advance. Our highest ideal is to love all and serve all, as said by the great masters Satya Sai Baba, Swami Sivananda, Jesus Christ and a host of saints and masters of the various spiritual traditions, bringing us to the consciousness that we are One.