What is Spiritual Food for the New Millennium?

 We are in the beginning of a new millennium, moving into a period of time in which spiritual forces are going to be more readily available in contrast to the past two thousand years.  In order to benefit from those spiritual forces, we must be prepared.

 Dr. Rudolf Steiner in his lectures to farmers in 1924 said it in simple words:  “heal the soil.”  He then explained a form of agriculture that would have the effect of harnessing spiritual forces to draw humankind out of the sea of confusion in which most are immersed.

 Now, after 90 years of relying on chemicals in nearly every aspect of our live, we are in desperate need of healing the earth and ourselves.

 This is what the “Spiritual Food for the New Millennium” project is about – healing the earth and healing ourselves through a commitment to give our families and ourselves real nutrition by supporting the farmers and gardeners who practice biodynamic agriculture.



Since 1990 – Shanti Yoga Prasad offers books and yoga products to students, adding biodynamic and organic dry goods, and earth–friendly body care, cleaning and office supply products over the years.

Since 1997 – SFNM Mail Order Service offers Biodynamic food nationwide

Since 1998 – Spiritual Food CSA – fresh food, weekly, for local area members



As more and more people are recognizing, the way we have become accustomed to doing business in this country is not peaceable or sustainable.  As part of a vision for a new economic model * we are trying to develop a way of doing business based on respect and trust between producers and consumers.  We believe that we have enough tools and a certainty based on the trusting relationship, to guarantee the best results.  

 In offering this service, our approach is not that of a commercially oriented operation.  It is a truly spiritual moral action honoring and linking the interaction of farmers and consumers.

 A natural way of living that includes a simple and healthy lifestyle brings forth the wisdom of the body that can recognize and communicate to us, by means of taste, energy level, and spiritual awareness, whether the food we ingest is beneficial.  We will appreciate ongoing feedback on your experience with the food. 

 *Aparigraha: A New Economic Paradigm for a Culture of Peace is a project of our sister organization: www.globalcoalitionforpeace.net.

To learn more, see our articles and publications:

 Supporting Spiritual Farms may be, in the long run, the only hope of having food that is good for our body, mind, and spirit.  Environmental pollution, soil toxicity, factory farming, and technologically grown and made (processed) food all are taking away the possibility for the farmer to survive.