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Directions and Parking information are below.

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4217 and 4209 East West Highway

Public Transportation:

Metro – red line, Bethesda station, 10 minute walk. See below.
The J2 bus travels East-West Highway from downtown Silver Spring out to Montgomery Mall passing right by us; disembark near BCC High School.

From Rt. 495 (the Beltway), Connecticut Avenue Exit #33 South is preferred; Wisconsin Ave South is also an option.
From Washington, DC, go North on either Wisconsin Avenue or Connecticut Avenue.
From Northern Virginia, favorite route is beltway exit River Road and take Goldsboro to Bradley Blvd to Wisconsin Ave into downtown Bethesda; or from Arlington/Roslyn area, Key Bridge to Canal Road to Foxhall Rd, to Nebraska Ave to Wisconsin Ave North.

Traveling south on Connecticut
East-West Highway is 1.2 miles (or 6 traffic lights) inside the Beltway. Turn right onto East-West Highway, Rt. 410. Stay in the right lane. As the road starts going up hill, go very slow….
# 4209 is on the right just before the bridge; turn in at the mailbox out by the road
# 4217 is on the right, immediately after the bridge, turn in at the fire hydrant.
If you miss both houses, continue on to the second light, turn left onto Pearl Street, left onto Montgomery Avenue and follow directions as from downtown Bethesda.

From Washington, DC
Going north on Connecticut Ave, go through Chevy Chase Circle at the Washington, DC/Maryland border. Go 1.5 miles and turn left at Rt 410 East-West Highway, stay in the right lane see above As the road starts going up hill, go very slow….
Going north on 16th Street, pass through the circle at the Maryland border (at Eastern Ave.), Left at the light onto East-West Highway.  Cross Connecticut Avenue and see above As the road starts going up hill, go very slow….
From Wisconsin Avenue, see below

From downtown Bethesda, Wisconsin Avenue
Turn onto Montgomery Ave which is a 1 way street going east. (It is near the metro station,1 block south of East-West Highway). Stay in the middle lane as it will bear right and merge onto East-West Highway heading east. You will now be in the left lane and will see a bridge.
For #4217, turn left into the last house before the bridge, see the fire hydrant.
For #4209, turn left into the first house after the bridge, see mailbox out by the road

Parking is available at both houses. (You may park at either house and walk to the other.)
See below or click for parking suggestions to maximize use of space, and for alternatives if the house lots are full.

On the red line, exit at the Bethesda station. At the top of the long escalator, turn right and walk through the tunnel, then up the short escalator and out the glass doors. Turn right to walk east down East-West Highway going away from Wisconsin Ave. Cross the street at one of the lights. Pass the high school. We are the last house before the bridge (#4217) and the first house after the bridge (#4209). The walk is a pleasant 4 long blocks, approximately 10 minutes. [After hours or on weekends, if the tunnel is closed, take the escalator straight ahead up to street level and, using the crosswalks, cross Old Georgetown Road, then Wisconsin Avenue and walk down the left side of East-West Highway towards the house.]

Where East meets West is where you’ll find us


PARKING at School of Life / Shanti Yoga Center for Harmony

4217 and 4209 East-West Highway


 At 4217 East-West Highway, please park parallel to the road, and choose the space available closest to the house on either side so those coming after you can get in also.  Best to back into the space so you can go out forward; and back in as far as possible.  Note the spot close to the house on the left is marked handicapped – please avoid parking there.

At 4209 East-West Highway, which is same side of the street across the bridge, enter by the mailbox.  Park facing the house (perpendicular to house/road, opposite to what we requested for 4217).  It is usually OK to block in the vans or trailer.

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If you are coming to a program, priority in our lots goes to families with small children, pregnant women or people who cannot walk easily.  If you are not one of these, consider the other options. A short walk will contribute to your health and peace of mind

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For events when the lot may be full, here are other options:

 The BCC High School parking lot is available evenings, weekends and whenever school is closed.  It is 2 blocks west of the ashram (towards Wisconsin Ave) on East-West Hwy.

 Other options after 5:00 pm and weekends:

o       The first side street to the east, Edgevale,  (towards Connecticut Ave) 
o       The first side street to the west, traffic light at Chelton, by the high school
Public parking garage with meters – enter from Waverly Street (close to Wisconsin Ave.) About 6 –8 minute walk.

 after 7 and weekends:

Montgomery Avenue (the one way street paralleling East-West Highway coming from Wisconsin Ave.)  You can walk across East-West Highway at the light by the high school, turn right and go less than a block more - or - to walk under the highway, there is an entrance to the bike path at the blue mailbox, walk under the bridge and take the first staircase on the right to come up behind the garage of the 4209 address.

 Consider the METRO – about 10 minute walk.  At top of long escalator, go through the tunnel, up short escalator, through glass doors and walk to the right, cross the street at one of the lights.  Our houses are on left side of the street before and after the bridge.