Shanti Yoga Women’s Program

 The life cycles of women can be seen as a wonderful opportunity not only for growth and discovery but for developing the awareness and discipline to care for self and others according to natural law. 

 The monthly feminine cycle, once it is understood in all its magnificence, can be a great source of awareness and wonder at the work of creation and the ebb and flow of nature.  We bring this attitude of"Positive Menstrual Awakening" along with the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda to special courses for young girls, menstruating women, and those in midlife at the time of menopause.

 Pregnancy and Childbirth are naturally a deeply transforming experience for a woman and an incomparable opportunity to influence the child’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  A variety of classes offer care and support to mothers at all stages. 


Positive Menstrual Awakening

The thought process behind positive menstrual awakening may require a paradigm shift for some.  Menstruation may be viewed as an opportunity for greater spiritual awareness leading towards spiritual growth in an upward spiral facilitated by the shifts taking place simultaneously in all three bodies as we go through our monthly feminine cycle.  This cycle is a gift of nature that assists us in our spiritual work, if we are open to it. 

Windows of Opportunity for Women

According to the teachings of Ayurveda, there are three windows of opportunity in a woman’s life for total rejuvenation of her health and well-being.  They are: menarche (onset of menstruation), post-partum (after-childbirth) and menopause.  A woman benefits from extra support during these times not only for her Self (own health) but in all the roles she plays for others. 


Pregnancy and Motherhood
Natural Childbirth education & HypnoBirthing®
The Feminine Cycle
Midlife and Menopause

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Each new life challenges all we think and know about the creation of life

 Bringing a new life into the world is a profoundly transforming experience, not only at the physical level but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The amazing responsibility of this important stage of life demands preparation at all these levels to insure a positive experience for mother, baby and the whole family. 

 We know from the study of Prenatal Psychology that the unborn child is an aware, feeling, remembering being and that experiences in the womb, at birth, and after birth mold and shape health, personality, drives and aspirations in very profound ways. 

 Yoga helps empower mothers by recognizing and reinforcing the instinctual ability to take care of the ensuing new life with all the resources nature has granted.  On a physical level, the basic principles teach us practical ways to incorporate health-giving habits into daily life.  Relaxation takes us to a place deep within where inner peace, trust and wisdom reside – all fundamental elements for happy and healthy motherhood.

 Everything you do for yourself, you do for the baby.

Prenatal Yoga

Exercise to stretch, strengthen and tone your body along with breathing, guided relaxation and meditation for relief of common discomforts of pregnancy and to prepare for labor, birth, post-partum recovery and motherhood. Pranayama (breathing exercises), guided relaxation, and meditation help us reach a state of deep relaxation to connect with the growing baby and our own inner peace and wisdom. No yoga experience required. Please contact Gayatri.

Mom & Baby Yoga

Recover from birth, strengthen your body and bond with your new little one. For the babies, we include a series of poses to develop motor skills, relieve colic, and promote better sleep. You may start as soon as four weeks after giving birth, as long as your doctor or midwife says it’s OK.  Please contact Gayatri.

Ayurveda for Pregnancy and Post-Partum

Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, is the ancient holistic health care system of India developed through thousands of years of practical experience.  The focus is on disease prevention, promoting ideal health, lengthening lifespan, and helping to bring individual and collective life into harmony with natural law. Many minor or major health complaints from the childbearing year are due to imbalances and if left unattended can become chronic, even lifelong, problems.  Ayurveda can help to discover real health and vitality, and prevent serious future health problems.  

This series of classes covers simple self-care techniques that support optimal health in body mind and soul for pregnancy, birth, post-partum and baby care.  See this special section of Shanti Yoga called Ayurveda. Please contact Gayatri.

Infant Massage

Mutually enjoyable for fathers, mothers and babies and easy to do, infant massage offers countless benefits including: improved digestion, immune function, brain development and parent-child bonding.  In a 2 hour workshop, learn a massage routine to practice at home with your baby.  Please contact Gayatri.

Women’s Water Yoga

Warm water is a perfect environment to exercise your body, relax your mind, and nurture your spirit as a pregnant or new mother. Gentle but effective exercise helps you to breathe easier, tone your body and sleep better.  If you are pregnant, enjoy the weightlessness and supported movement and tune in with the baby in its warm, watery, weightless world.  Excellent preparation for labor and birth.  See Water Yoga in the Class Description section.  Please contact Purna.

Pre-Conception Preparation and Pre-birth Parenting

“Love and fear, and peace and violence, begin in the womb. And that is where the roots of faith or alienation lie. The new paradigm, which is really based in ancient wisdom and supported by modern science, is available to us today, as is healing the birth-related trauma so prevalent in modern society.” –Suzanne Arms

This quote comes from the attached article which is about consciousness of babies, environmental factors that deeply influence the unborn and newly born child, the heightened awareness of birth, and bonding and development of maternal instincts, is ultimately about the Development Of The Incarnating Soul from a spiritual perspective. 

 Look for more on this site in the future and for Pre-Conception and Pre-Birth Parenting seminars on this topic.   Currently, parents-to-be may arrange a private consultation to discuss practical ways to prepare for bringing a new soul into their lives and into the world.  Please contact Lakshmi.

Natural Childbirth

After teaching prenatal yoga and HypnoBirthing® for over 12 years, Lakshmioffers private or small group classes covering any or all of birth philosophy, pre-birth parenting, prenatal yoga, breathing, and birth preparation for pregnant women and couples.  The main focus is always a positive pregnancy and birth for mother and baby.  This can be a one time session to deal with a particular issue or to create your own home practice or could be a series of classes.

HypnoBirthing® is a nationally certified program of gentle, natural fearless birthing for a safe, easier, more comfortable and peaceful experience for mother and baby.  See

The ramifications of childbirth extend far and widefor the individual, family, community and indeed for the whole world.  Lakshmi has given presentations to school classes and the Spiritist Medical Association Congress.  See the special section on Multiple Benefits of Childbirth Awareness and Education

For any of the above, contact Lakshmi

The Feminine Cycle

Yoga for a Healthy Feminine Cycle

This series of classes addresses women´ s issues and helps to create a healthy feminine cycle.  Find relief from anxiety, stress, pain, and emotional and physical discomfort.  Please contact Saraswati.

What is the benefit of the feminine cycle? The wisdom of the most ancient traditions knew this aspect of the women's life to be the door for personal and spiritual development as we will learn in this course. There is the physical aspect to; for that, routines will be given to be able to practice at home in times of need.  Use the recommendations to help ease pain and discomfort, and learn how to live in harmony with your cycle. It is possible to experience a healthy cycle all month long!  It is what God intended.

Twelve week course, in 3 sections: 

Level 1:  Living a Healthy Menstrual Cycle (includes routine: Yoga for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle)

Level 2: Dealing with PMS (includes routine: Yoga and Acupressure to help with PMS)

Level 3: The Cycle for Spiritual Development (includes routine: Yoga for Menstrual Cramps)

PMS Workshop

This one day event will address ways to find relief from PMS. Natural remedies, diet and lifestyle recommendations will be offered.  Design a plan to ameliorate or heal PMS that works for you.  Please contact Saraswati.

Menarche - Magical Moontime for Tweens & Teens

Our bodies are sacred, and menstruation is a divine gift and tool for increasing our mental/emotional/physical health, self-esteem, and happiness. This 12 week class gives young women knowledge and practical methods to navigate this critical transition from childhood to womanhood and begin a spiritual practice. Menstruation is a time for release, reception, and renewal. Negative and positive elements from daily life are intensified during the period and, in turn, what occurs during the period influences life for the next month. Thus, in learning to work with our menstrual cycle we learn to work with life. A menstrual-friendly yoga routine is combined with theory, discussion, and journaling on such topics as The Female Energy Cycle; Basics of Self Care; and PMS and Ovulation. Class times range from 75-90 minutes, depending on group size and dynamics. Private classes available. Please contact Durga.

Midlife and Menopause – A Window of Opportunity

Menopause is a critical time when the foundation of future health is laid spanning a 10 year or so period up to and after the mensus ends.  This class addresses the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual aspects with a natural and experiential approach. Based on teachings and research from ancient and modern times. Addresses specific conditions with home care through Ayurveda. Please contact Lakshmi.