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James Vaidyan calls his healing practice, “Pure Healing.”  What he has to offer is brought to the sick and suffering from the changeless knowledge and wisdom of the ancient world. “Vaidyan” is Sanskrit for “physician” and refers to a  practitioner of Ayurveda.

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Ayurveda (literally “science of life” in Sanskrit) is probably the oldest natural healing modality still in existence. In contrast to conventional Western medicine, Ayurveda is not focused on disease, but on restoring and balancing the vital energies that sustain life.  

It is based on the understanding that there are three types of energy, the particular combination of which make up a person’s unique constitution.  These energies are called doshas, and they are named vata, pitta and kapha.  Vata, the most subtle of the doshas, is associated with wind.  It is a highly energetic force, very active and impulsive.  Pitta energy is associated with fire.  It is hot, assertive and productive.  Kapha is densest or heaviest of the three doshas.  It is associated with the more tangible elements of earth and water.  Most people tend to be predominant in one of the three. 

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The interaction between one’s prakruti (the combination of his/her doshas) and one’s environment, including the food one eats, relationships, seasonal changes, stress, etc., determines the status of one’s health.  The goal in Ayurveda is to maintain a state of balance.  Disease happens when that balance is severely disrupted.  The imbalance may be caused by a combination of factors, generally occurring over a fairly long period.  The goal of the Ayurvedic practitioner is to help the individual regain a state of balance.


James Vaidyan, a registered practitioner with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, learned his profession from his father and his father learned it from his father.  In this way, it has been passed on for hundreds of generations.  From early childhood,  the Vaidyan was familiarized with the natural elements and the growing processes that produce the healing components of the ayurvedic formulas.  His father taught him how to identify and collect the necessary plants and how to make the medicines.  By the age of fifteen he was an Ayurvedic practitioner.  But he is quick to state that he did not know all there is to know and, some forty years later, he is still learning.

The Vaidyan Making Consultation Notes at the Ashram

The Vaidyan Making Consultation Notes at the Ashram

Although the ageless principles of Ayurveda do not change, the Vaidyan points out that modernization-- in the form of better facilities, systems of observation, and new processes in making the medicines and supplements-- has added to its effectiveness.  He has been able to successfully treat many and various conditions including such difficult and even “incurable” diseases such as Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, cirrhosis of the liver and leukemia.  And one astounding point not to overlook is that, like all wholistic healing, the treatment heals the whole body; “side-effects” are not debilitating, but life-enhancing.

Many people who have been told that they have an incurable leukemia have, through treatment by James Vaidyan, been given a new lease on life.  Testimonies such as those of Jassica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLEXcNW6BG0&t=29s and other grateful patients abound on his website, www.jamesvaidyanhealing.com. A book has even been written by the grateful relative of a patient: The Legend Vaidyan and the Spokesman Lawyer, by K.C. Eldho (available at Amazon.com).

Assistants Prepare Herbs

Assistants Prepare Herbs

While it is often assumed that he has developed a new medicine to combat leukemia, the Vaidyan says that is not the case.  His forefathers adopted a program to treat this very difficult disease.  His contribution has been to find the right combination of different medicines to treat each patient.  He points out that the overall condition of the individual patient and the stage of the disease are taken into consideration when determining the right combination and dosages of the 13 or 14 main medicines along with a dietary regimen and other protocols.

Prana Therapy

Prana Therapy

Two other elements of James Vaidyan’s protocol are Prana Vidhya and Marma Therapy. Similar to acupuncture, Marma involves the use of pressure points, or energy centers, for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.  Prana Vidhya on the other hand deals with the magnetic field surrounding the human body, primarily by removing blockages in the seven chakras.

A third and equally important component is the patient’s openness to and cooperation with the healing process.


James Vaidyan doesn’t just practice Ayurveda, he practices the kind of mercy and compassion that is prescribed by all faith traditions and inherent in true healing arts.  James has been able to take a deep love for and knowledge of God’s creation and, through the practice of Ayurveda, put it to the highest possible use-- the healing and preservation of the lives of his “neighbors,” meaning anyone who comes to him in need of help. 



For many years he made it known that he would treat anyone with a serious health problem regardless of their ability to pay. 

Unfortunately, people took advantage of his generous spirit and even beneficiaries of his care who were capable of paying would often not do so.  When all of his personal resources were depleted, and he was almost ready to abandon his practice, a European client, aware of his dire straits, declared, “You cannot stop this practice.”  He helped the Vaidyan resolve his financial problems and gave him a substantial donation that enabled him to continue the work.  While it is still his desire to reach out to anyone in need of this healing art, it has become necessary for him to be more conscientious about keeping the practice viable and providing for his own very basic needs.  The Vaidyan appeals to potential benefactors who appreciate the incredible value of this work, to sponsor those patients who are from an extremely poor background, and have no resources of any sort. Information about this can be found on his website.


James Vaidyan has invited universities and medical study programs to research Pure Healing and learn how it works to destroy cancer cells without harming healthy ones. Some doctors and universities in India have responded to his invitation, but they want a “formula” and state that they will study the ingredients.  Similarly, potential students come to him without even a basic knowledge and want to learn the “process” in two or three months. He is willing to teach those who are truly interested and understand that it is a gradual process to reach a level of proficiency. Some people also come to him wanting to invest in his knowledge and turn Pure Healing into a profitable venture.  The Vaidyan makes it clear to them that, “This is not a matter of doing business.” 


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James Vaidyan, Seastian, & Ashram Members


In December of 2017, Yogi Victor “Vyasa” Landa, beloved “Guruji” of Shanti Yoga Ashram and the School of Life in Bethesda, MD, was diagnosed with leukemia. The prognosis was that he had 3-6 months to live, perhaps a year if he undertook a chemotherapy treatment that for his advanced age had 40% risk of fatality and only 15% chance of success.

For 4 months, Vyasa pursued a program from the School for Natural Healing to treat incurable diseases with detoxification, herbs, diet, and other modalities. Along with supportive care from the local cancer center and emergency services, as well as prayer for healing to the Spiritual world,  he was doing well.  Then his condition deteriorated suddenly and indeed the doctor called to say a test showed the disease was advancing rapidly.  A week later, he felt so bad that he agreed to the conventional therapy feeling there was no other choice.  At least it would buy time to pursue further treatments that were on the horizon. 

After 2 weeks in the hospital, at the end of the chemotherapy, the prognosis was that no, it was not successful, and there was no point in repeating it. Worse, some of the side effects were debilitating. 

In late May during a brief hospitalization, Vyasa had a devastating allergic reaction to a drug administered for nausea. This seemed to be the final blow to an already extremely tenuous hold on life. After five months of silence and seclusion, there was an announcement made to the vast community of students who have benefitted from Vyasa’s teaching and counseling over the years, and hundreds of people were invited to hold a prayer vigil for him.

A homeopathic treatment succeeded in combating the worst effects of the allergic reaction. The generous help of talented healers in the extended community provided additional supportive care. Also, a new less toxic and promising drug was tried with great hope and an immunotherapy regimen begun. These gave some improvement, but both were hard on him. Again, prospects seemed bleak.

Then, on July 18, the final day of the third round of a nine day prayer for his health and healing (a Catholic novena to St. Rita who is Saint of Impossible Cases), one of the members of the Ashram came across James Vaidyan’s website,  sent him an email, and learned that the doctor just “happened to be” in New York treating his only patient in the US. He explained that according to his tradition, a Vaidyan will not take on a patient unless there is a near certainty that the treatment will effect a cure. To make this assessment, he had to meet Vyasa in person. He offered to drive down for this purpose.

Vyasa Receiving Marma Therapy

Vyasa Receiving Marma Therapy

After the initial pulse reading, the Vaidyan determined that there was enough life-force to make a further assay. How the body responded after a few hours would determine the next steps. With the grace of God, this second test was also passed. The doctor then left medicines for a week, saying he would return once more before going back to India, to reassess and determine whether further treatment could proceed. For a third time, Vyasa passed the test.

At that visit, the Vaidyan provided medicines saying if remission were achieved within 45 days, there was hope for the long term. The Vaidyan continued to direct the treatment from India, via email and What’s App consults where he can see and speak to the patient. The blood tests indeed showed a complete turn around of the leukemia within the time frame and in a few more weeks western doctors announced remission. 

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In the course of the next 6 weeks Vyasa gained 25 pounds, a healthier weight than before he got sick and many side complications were treated offering great relief. He regained the ability to walk, and his quality of life improved considerably--His hope, positive outlook, and humor returned, and he was able to join in certain communal activities, sharing His invaluable spiritual teachings and blessings.

After nine months of confinement and bedrest and fighting for his life, on Oct 6, 2018, Vyasa was able to celebrate his birthday with a small group of close spiritual students.

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This last flowering of life lasted until December 1st when Vyasa went back into the hospital for the last time. It is very possible that an inadvertent lack of compliance with Vaidyan’s protocol, combined with other factors independent of the treatment, caused the relapse. Vaidyan visited at the hospital to personally attend him with great care. Guruji passed away on December 7th.   Vaidyan’s protocol extended Guruji’s life and gave vitality, serenity and strength during these significant last months.


There are undoubtedly countless people who could benefit from James Vaidyan’s knowledge and skill, especially those with leukemia and other “incurable” conditions, but few of those in need even know about Pure Healing.  Much time and energy must go into the growing and processing of the formulations and treating his patients.  He invites interested parties to come, observe, learn about his work and, if they can, help to keep it going.

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“It is my earnest hope that there are people of good will and ability around the world who want to support my efforts financially for the larger benefit of humanity. I would welcome them to observe my work of healing staying here for a couple of days. They will get an opportunity to see first-hand the collecting of medicinal plants, formulation processing, physiological assessment, nadi reading, visiting forests, etc. In addition they can familiarize themselves with the basic Indian Vedic concept of well-being, practice of prana vidya and many therapeutic techniques of marma tantra. The main objective will be fund-raising, as there is dire necessity for additional resources for the ongoing research and development work, and for setting up a plantation where rare species of medicinal plants can be protected from extinction. For those who are interested I will arrange for face to face meetings with those who have been cured through my treatment.  I said through my treatment because I
earnestly believe that it is not I but God who heals.”


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“I know the secrets of hundreds of medicinal plants. They are living beings to me. I feel a special bond with these plants, and I have a burden for protecting, preserving and studying them further.  Each of those plants potentially holds the promise of a cure for a disease that has no cure today.  Not many descendants of the ancient wise men are extant today who understand the secrets that all these plants hold. Similarly, many rare tropical plants are on the verge of extinction even before science has had a chance to study them.   Some rare species are seen only on the lateral off shoots of the Sahya mountain ranges.  In order that extinction may not befall them, and to unlock and perpetuate knowledge about them, I envision setting up ‘The Valley of Life’ where these plants will be preserved and studied.  Those who share the concern for these plants are welcome to partner with me in this endeavor.  This place will be a sanctuary to the plants and a retreat for their protectors.  They can sit there in meditation.  The mountains and trees will serve as hideouts for them.

James Vaidyan
No.43/391, Paul Abrao Road,
Ernakulam North P.O.,
Kochi (Cochin), Pin - 682018
Kerala State, India


The Vaidyan treats a wide variety of serious diseases as well as common complaints. Below is a small sampling of testimonials. For more, please see his website, Pure Healing: http://www.jamesvaidyanhealing.com/

For general information on the Vaidyan, as well as several first hand testimonials and one in-depth case study, please see this fascinating book: The Legend Vaidyan and the Spokesman Lawyer by K.C. Eldho, for sale at Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Legend-Vaidyan-Spokesman-Lawyer-Patient/dp/1482859262


I was suffering from cardiac related stress since 1998 and was finding it difficult to walk even at times. After several years I was advised to go in for an angiogram test as part of the investigation by the doctor. But thanks to James Vaidyan, as I was given a course of medicines including different choornams, syrrup and Lehyam. After taking the medicine for about a week, I started noticing the difference. My hand pain came down and I was able to walk normally. Currently after 90 days of medicine, I am comfortable to walk up to the first floor and am able to perform with normal vigor  in fact better than the previous condition.

My wife Lipsy an English Teacher in Doha-Qatar has found the medicines of James Vaidyan effective for her Rheumatic complaints. Her severe body pain and back pain has been relieved in a month?s time, after taking the medicines given by James Vaidyan. She is now able to stand up and teach in the class.

James Vaidyan also has treated and cured the blood cancer of my cousin sister Jisna who is now an undergraduate student in Kerala. This case is cited in detail in the Testimonials by K. C Eldho.

It is my pleasure to recommend James Vaidyan to any patient who is suffering from such ailments as above. The scholarship, dedication and commitment of James Vaidyan to his subject are uncanny. It is a lifetime opportunity for me to have met him. I consider that I am fortunate to have received his treatment. I sincerely wish that more and more people should be able to get the benefits of the great traditions of authentic healing which James Vaidyan is promoting.

 Dr. Sabu K.C. M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. 


I am a qualified nurse presently working as Staff Nurse in GOLDEN JUBILEE NATIONAL HOSPITAL GLASGOW in UK. I am glad to narrate how my mother in India came back to life from her end stage renal failure through unique indigenous treatment.

My mother's kidneys had completely failed to function in 2007. All of us were anxious, afraid and worried about what the future holds for her. She was 53 yrs of age and had been receiving hemo-dialysis three times every week, in four-hour sessions. She was on long-term medication for this problem and renal disease caused the complete failure of both the kidneys. Her appetite became very poor. She suffered from frequent body aches and headaches. Her skin became dry and she suffered from itching all the time. Insomnia was chronic. She had muscle cramps. Her hearing became poor. She lost all her hair. Her mental alertness also diminished significantly. Her speech was incoherent. Overall health became so poor that the doctors were not able to give her dialysis any more. She was expected to die with in days or weeks in the hospital.

It was at this time that we had the opportunity to approach James Vaidyan. He came to see my mom in the hospital and started his special treatment. It was on the 27th Dec. 2007.

Within a few days of starting James Vaidyan's treatment she showed signs of improvement in her general health and mental alertness. She started recognizing people and speaking coherently. After undergoing James Vaidyan's treatment for a few more days we got her discharged from the hospital. At home she began to improve faster. She passed urine more easily and her urine became clearer. We were monitoring serum creatine and other values carefully and asking for advises from hospital doctors regarding when dialysis is likely to be needed. Dialysis once in 10 days or 2 weeks became adequate for her. Kidney functioning became better and serum creatine level found steadily being reduced. Now, 16 months later, she leads a fairly good quality life. She is able to do normal household work. She is eating well and maintaining better health. Her hair has come back almost to normal. She is continuing James Vaidyans treatment, and going for dialysis 3 to 4 times a month.

Cured of ALL Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

I am a Lawyer practicing at high court of Kerala, Kochi for the last more than fifteen years. Shri James Vaidyan is known to me for the last twelve years as he treated and cured me in the year 1995 when I had severe cervical spondylites. I am amazed on the potentiality of Shri James Vaidyan in the field of Indian medicine that include Ayurveda and Sidha Vaidya. (One of the disks on my neck was protruded out to the size of half an egg, resulting severe pain all the time. I was getting ready for surgery as advised by my doctors. At that time I consulted James Vaidyan. I was given different types of Ayurvedic formulations for one month. After that, Ayurveda physiotherapy and marma chikitsa were administered for seven days, one session in the morning and one session in the evening each day, each session lasting one hour. On the night of the sixth day I noticed that the protrusion was no longer there and I felt no pain. Now even after 11 years I feel normal.)

On 24.11.2004 my first cousin sister Jisna Yohanan aged 18 years was admitted in the Medical Trust Hospital, Ernakulam and a bone marrow test was conducted though the Clinical Reference Laboratories of Ranbaxy, Mumbai and the result was handed over to me diagnosing that Jisna Yohanan is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A L L). The Oncologist suggested for Chemotherapy as the only way out. Instead of Chemotherapy, at my instance and my responsibility Shri James Vaidyan provided his treatment of pure healing and I could directly witness the changes day by day in my cousin sister, especially with regard to the various blood counts like Platlet Counts, WBC, Hb, RBC, etc. All her blood counts showed normal within Sixty days of the treatment of Shri James Vaidyan. The progress of the treatment was monitored through one of the reputed hospitals at Kochi and after six months my sister was advised for appearing for clinical examination only once in three months as she showed normal as regards all faculties. There after, it is advised that she needs only come for a check up once in four months and it is observed that she is physically fit for any sort of exertion. As on 24.11.2004 the Platlet Count became 270. Tthe treatment of Shri James Vaidyan is amazing for me and I never expected my sister to come out of Leukemia and it is only because of Shri James Vaidyan and his treatment she became absolutely normal and started going college after six months. Now Jisna Yohanan is doing her Graduation course in the college and is absolutely normal and I have no hesitation to say or to declare before anybody that Shri James Vaidyan cured my first cousin sister Jisna Yohanan out of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A L L) and I believe that my sister is alive now only because of Shri James Vaidyan.

K. C. Eldho