Life Enhancing Classes

The following special programs on different aspects of yoga, Ayurveda, healthy living and spiritual evolution, may be offered by us or by invited guests.

  • Aromatherapy & Flower Essences

  • Intro to Ayurveda

  • Homeopathy

  • Seasonal Cleanse

  • PMS Workshop

  • Education Begins Before Birth

  • Infant Massage

  • Ghee Making

  • Gardening

  • Women's Self-Reliance Program

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils: An Introduction to the Healing Art

One hour workshop in two parts:  Part 1 describes the ancient roots and modern development of Aromatherapy in the West, and its basic elements. Part 2 covers the basics of essential oil chemistry, blending, effects on the brain and body, application methods, carrier oils, and more.

Participants create their own blend (one of three choices) to take home.
Contact Durga.

Intro to Ayurveda

A two hour seminar covering the basic principles of Ayurveda - the concept of health, the health process, the disease process, constitutional types, subtle essences and gunas. This is a wonderful introduction or review on Ayurveda for individual or family care and also serves as a prerequisite for the Ayurveda for Pregnancy or Mothers program.  Contact Gayatri.


Homeopathy is a healing science and art that has been practiced with great results for two hundred years around the world. It is safe, non-suppressive and balances and cures on the physical, emotional and mental level. Although it is a very complex and profound teaching and practice, it is very easy to get started helping yourself, family and friends.

We will learn the basic principles of homeopathy and how to address the most common daily health challenges. We will practice together and exchange experiences on how to listen to the patient and identify his symptom picture, understand what and how to prescribe and treat and prevent acute and chronic diseases. As we progress in the course, you will be able to start using homeopathic remedies and witness their effectiveness. Natasha Despotovic and Bill Dennis have studied at the New York School of Homeopathy and attended numerous international training programs by the most renowned homeopaths in the world.  To inquire about this 6 week course, contact Durga.

Ayurvedic Seasonal Detox Workshop

This workshop offers a sample day of a gentle yet effective Ayurvedic detox routine.  We start the day early with a cleansing set of yoga asanas, meditation and an Ayurvedic breakfast. Then, the morning session will cover the week-long cleanse routine, principles of Ayurvedic wellness, individual doshic analysis and an art project. To finish off, we will cook and eat a delicious and cleansing Ayurvedic lunch.  Handouts, recipes and a shopping list are provided for continuing the cleanse at home.

Seasonal cleansing, practiced in many forms of traditional medicine, offers numerous benefits for our health and well being. Assisting the body to gently release toxins at the change of seasons can support optimal health, prevent seasonal colds, relieve allergies, assist in making dietary and lifestyle changes, and -when practiced regularly- may prevent the development of chronic conditions. Note: Cleansing, even this gentle method, is not recommended for those who are pregnant, nursing or suffering from a seriously debilitating condition.  Please contact Gayatri.

PMS Workshop

This one day event teaches ways to find relief from PMS.  Natural remedies, diet and lifestyle recommendations will be offered.  Design a plan to ameliorate PMS that works for you.  Please contact Saraswati.

Education Begins Before Birth

“Love and fear, and peace and violence begin in the womb. And that is where the roots of faith or alienation lie. The new paradigm, which is really based in ancient wisdom and supported by modern science, is available to us today, as is healing the birth-related trauma so prevalent in modern society.” –Suzanne Arms

This seminar about the consciousness of babies, environmental factors that deeply influence the unborn and newly born child, the heightened awareness of birth, and bonding and development of maternal instincts, is ultimately about the Development of the Incarnating Soul from a spiritual perspective.  (See the attached article.)  An  eye-opening discussion for anyone interested in pre-birth consciousness and the origins of love and violence; especially good for those who are thinking of bringing a child into the world, are pregnant or parenting young children.  Contact Lakshmi.

Infant Massage

Learn a massage routine to practice at home with your baby.  Infant massage offers countless benefits including: improved digestion, immune function, brain development and parent-child bonding.  Contact Gayatri.

Ghee Making Workshop

A fun opportunity to learn how to make your own ghee for culinary, health, or sacred purposes. Contact Gayatri.


Build a garden in a day, learn seed-saving and more.  Whether for home, a local school, community center or abroad, Rose (Mirabai) Lord can teach anyone, with or without a green thumb, about gardening for self-reliance and food sovereignty.  She has also developed a home gardening online course called  Angels in My Garden.

At the ashram, if you want to garden but don’t have space of your own, want to learn more about gardening or just want to pitch in at any step of the way, let us know.  Inquire if you're interested in an on site gardening class/demo for a couple hours in season.  Contact Durga.

Women's Self Reliance program

This special course called "Weaving a Tapestry of Self-Reliance" is an incredible opportunity to learn different facets of working with women in undeveloped or underprivileged places - anywhere in the world - who want to help themselves and their families.  After over ten years of working in the field with women who face severe challenges to support themselves and their children, we offer a five-day program in which participants are introduced to the basic concepts of the Women’s Self Reliance Program (WSRP), a women-empowering project of Global Coalition for Peace including the Poverty Perspective, Basic Nutrition, Spiritual Gardening, Home Business and Micro-Enterprise, and Building Community.  Contact Mirabai.