Foundation Classes

 The Shanti Yoga Center for Harmony with its strong spiritual base offers multilevel experiential programs with a well-balanced integration of spirit, body and mind. Incorporating yoga into daily life is a most necessary and significant endeavor to deal with the stress and challenges of the modern day. 

Many of our Hatha Yoga routines follow the classical system as taught by Swami Sivananda however other styles are also incorporated. For general information, you may call 301-654-4899 or Contact Durga.

These classes below are a foundation to begin,  maintain and enhance the practice of  yoga at any stage and any age.  (For more offerings, see Classes by Request.)

  • FOY - Foundation of Yoga

  • yoga philosophy - Road to Peace

  • Ongoing Hatha Yoga classes

  • Children's Classes

Foundation of Yoga

For people who are new to yoga or have been away from it for a long time and for practitioners seeking a review of the basic precepts, this course introduces yoga philosophy and teaches a basic Hatha Yoga routine.  The first free introductory talk is followed by a 5 weeks session.  May be repeated for no charge.

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga means union or, literally, joining.  Most people know of yoga as an exercise practice without realizing that that is only a small part of this vast Spiritual Science.  Read more on the philosophy and the 4 paths of yoga.  

The philosophical and practical applications of yoga as given in the Foundation of Yoga course are also integrated into the special courses for children and university students.  In addition, a unique program called Shanti Marga developed by Vyasa integrates the spiritual aspects and discipline of yoga into life.   

Shanti Marga – Road to Peace

This study of the Spiritual Science of Yoga and its sister sciences Ayurveda and Tantra gives an opportunity to broaden our understanding of life’s mysteries and the purpose of our existence.  The course progresses from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced in sessions of 12 weeks each.  For a full description of the program, see Shanti Marga Course Description.

Shanti Kshatriya

After completing Shanti Marga, those who qualify for this program may discuss the opportunity with the instructor to pursue the path of spiritual development as the most important endeavor of life.  

Ongoing Hatha Yoga Classes

The ongoing classes may change throughout the year; see the Calendar or the Class Schedule page to view and print the current schedule.


Essential traditional postures. Breathwork aids calmness. So Hum helps control the mind for deeper self-knowledge.

Intermediate Sivananda Routine (90 min)

This Saturday morning class begins with the key breathing exercises, then follows an invigorating sequence of classical Hatha Yoga postures that build on the foundation laid in the beginners routine giving the opportunity to develop a solid practice including all the basic postures and pranayama.  Emphasis is placed on holding postures longer, making smooth transitions between postures and learning new variations for building strength and flexibility.  Training in the headstand is offered for those who are ready.  You will experience deeper aspects of Hatha Yoga, and as always, improve flexibility, stamina, strength, circulation, digestion, endocrine function, and enhanced mental clarity and emotional control.

This class is for those with a basic proficiency in the beginner’s level, however, you need not be concerned with keeping up.  With our small class size and individualized instruction you may participate at your own pace and comfort level.


This invigorating routine of standing postures not only builds strength and endurance--toning muscles typically under-used in modern life—but good balance too. Practiced consistently, it promotes greater centeredness, awareness, calm, and confidence in daily life. Also includes tension-relaxation stress release, sun salutation, and a unique pranayam.

Water Yoga

Warm water is therapeutic and supportive allowing you to stretch and breath beyond ordinary limits.  Water and Yoga work synergistically for soothing yet effective exercise to relax deeply, while simultaneously rejuvenating body, mind and spirit.  No swimming skills necessary.  Excellent for pregnancy, for those dealing with a physical ailment or stress, those wanting to begin some physical routine, or just anyone who loves the water.  The class includes yoga postures, breathing and relaxation in a warm private pool. Copper/ionization cleaning system, no chlorine.  Weekly sessions; private classes may be arranged. See the Special Benefits of Water Yoga and more.  Contact Purna.

Gentle Yoga

A slower paced asana class with attention to deep stretching, gentle strengthening and awareness of the breath.  Each week is slightly different routine, as we flow with the seasonal changes and focus on different parts of the body.  Most classes end with restorative postures and a long relaxation. Contact Gayatri.


An energetic workout to destress and rejuvenate.  This routine stimulates metabolism and thus the major organs and glands of the endocrine system, and builds core strength and balance for health maintenance and disease prevention as well as generally contributing to the optimal health that is necessary for Sadhana (spiritual practice).  You'll sleep well that night!  Taught by Lakahmi

Children’s Classes

Classical Yoga for Girls age 5-15

Children begin to study and are guided step by step towards the spiritual science of Raja Yoga. Cultivating virtues to build character is an integral part of traditional yoga, so Mind, Heart and Body are involved as children learn Asanas (physical postures), Pranayam (breathing exercises), Guided Visualization, Concentration, Relaxation, and Cooperative Games in an atmosphere of respectful playfulness. Ideally a group of children progresses through each level, but newcomers and drop-ins are always welcome.  Find here the full description of the Girl’s Yoga Program and for Parent's Testimonials.