Spiritual Farmers And Consumers Supporting Each Other

Since 1998




  • Join for a season
  • Receive a share of the harvest weekly or bi-weekly
  • Pick up on Wednesday at your chosen location
  • Eat fresh, nutritious and energetic, good tasting food
  • Learn new things
  • Improve your health
  • Contribute to a community spirit of commitment and trust

 The farmers do their best to provide a weekly supply of great, highly nutritious food, the organizers keep it coming, and members get involved to make it happen.  A complete energetic chain, preserved from soil to mouth.

The main vegetable farm is Kimberton CSA certified Biodynamic and Organic through the Demeter Association.  In addition to the weekly share of their harvest, Spiritual Food also provides fruit, eggs, additional vegetables in season and other whole foods in rotation.  We work with several farms for fruit and vegetables, an Amish farm for free-range eggs, Sweetwater Baking Company at Camphill Village, etc. All are Biodynamic or organic.  Every season is different. A CSA teaches us to eat locally and according to the season, spring, summer, fall and winter but also year by year as food is offered by Mother Nature. The spirit that animates this otherwise conventional mechanism is an extra bonus.



  • Offers Biodynamic Produce and supports Biodynamic farmers
  • Provides a variety of additional items, staples and specialties, from other Biodynamic and organic farms
  • Year round (with options to join for different seasons)



  • Healthy Soil - Saving the planet for our children and their children. This BD form of Agriculture heals the soil
  • Good Food – an array of high quality greens, vegetables, fruit, herbs and eggs weekly supplemented by bread, cheese, grains and legumes in rotation for ahighly nutritious balanced diet
  • Equitable Economics – a model for sustaining farmers, the food supply and the planet
  • Respecting Farmers – Putting our money where our mouth is to prove farming a respectable profession and to encourage young farmers
  • Community – Be a like-minded extended family, strong and vital
  • Service – it is in giving that we receive

"The Spiritual Food CSA offers an extraordinary opportunity for like-minded people to come together in community to manifest, by acting directly and consciously, the model of a new world on which a new positive collective consciousness will be built. When people dare to take responsibility for their own destiny, work together and sacrifice if necessary, for values and principles such as truth, cooperation, love and peace these virtues will be upheld for the good of all.”
Victor (Vyasa) Landa
Founder and Director



You will be contributing to build a community that actively supports life enhancing agricultural practices in contrast to the conventional methods, which pollute the environment for generations to come.

 You will be sponsoring the work of spiritual farmers by allowing them to focus on their primary work: growing food and healing the soil of the planet through Steiner’s agricultural methods, as well as by sharing the bounty and risk of farming in a noncommercial but humane way.

 You will be securing safe and fresh food for yourself and your family through direct contact with farmers. Our food security depends on this due to commercialization, even of the organic industry.


The soil is the life-giving substance of the planet.  Biodynamic Agriculture not only avoids chemicals but also heals the planet by infusing the soil, plants and animals with nutrients and healing spiritual forces. This worldwide non-chemical agricultural movement pre-dates “organics” by two decades, but spiritual farming is about more than avoiding chemicals.  Growers seek to improve the health and vitality of soil, plants and animals through working with the health-bearing forces of nature on the principle that if the soil is healthy, chemicals are not needed and seeds will bring forth plants that are true to their own unique nature and have both life-giving vitality, and spiritual forces to offer.

Biodynamic food nourishes the body and the human spirit. This food should be made available to as many people as possible.


The concept of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) was born within the Biodynamic agriculture movement, which was initiated by Rudolf Steiner an Austrian born philosopher.  Already at the beginning of the last century, Steiner was seriously concerned about the agricultural practices in use at that time. To remedy the situation, he gave a series of lectures to help the work of small farmers. His book “Agriculture” published in 1924 was a result of these lectures and his recommendations to farmers.

 The CSA movement was brought to this country in 1985 by Biodynamic farmers from Europe and has grown in popularity nationwide.  Spiritual Food CSA began with 26 members in 1998 and has grown to serve over 175 members in pick up locations throughout the metropolitan area.  We refer to the food we eat as Sattwic, which means pure. In this context Sattwic thus means a pure method of agriculture and the work of the community to deliver this food to the table.


 www.spiritualfoodcsa.org; see especially the FAQ and How To Join.  Contact spiritualfood [at] schooloflife.org or 301-654-4899.