Classes By Request

The ashram offers special classes for the many experiences we encounter as we move through life.  These classes may be requested for one person or a group (such as: friends, an office or an event) or if several people are interested a course may be held at the ashram; and may be a single introductory session or a series of 4 or 8 weeks or ongoing. 

  • Breath - The Source of Life

  • Joints and glands

  • hatha yoga in spanish

  • yoga for your (ayurvedic) type

  • yoga for osteoporisis

  • asanas for strength & balance

  • yoga for metabolism and metabiosis

  • yoga in ten sessions

also, see the Women's Program page for special classes offered for a healthy feminine cycle (the onset, the end and the many years in between), pregnancy,  childbirth and mother care.

Breathing - The Source of Life

Vibhaga Pranayama, sectional or lobular breathing, is the foundation of pranayama and the beginning of good breath control and overall health. This class will identify the sections of the lungs and help participants learn to direct the breath to each area as well as increase overall lung capacity. Includes a routine of Hathenas (or Hathaats), techniques to apply pressure to various nerves corresponding to each part of the lungs to expand, recondition and rejuvenate.  Benefits are: correct breathing difficulties of all kinds, keep lungs working at full capacity, excellent all round body coordination program, necessary adjuncts to the correct practice of pranayama. As breathing is strongly connected to the nervous system, many people feel mental and emotional benefits as well.  Four week class or private instruction.  These teachings for this class come from “Yoga Step-By-Step” by Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri. Contact Lakshmi.

Joints and Glands

The effects of hormonal imbalance have been attracting the attention of the medical community recently, however the importance of the endocrine system has been given great consideration for centuries in the Yoga teachings.  As usual, their approach of prevention as opposed to remediation (as is common in conventional medicine) led to the development of practices that in reality serve both purposes: prevention and correction.  Such a practice is the Joints & Glands routine (developed by Swami Rama) to be given in this class, with the twofold advantage of tackling another common challenge--arthritis, which is as closely related to the joints as hormonal imbalances are to the glands of the endocrine system.  Contact Lakshmi.

Hatha Yoga in Spanish

Vyasa teaches a Hatha Yoga series in Spanish for individuals or an organized group from the community.

Yoga for Your Type – An Ayurvedic Approach To Your Asana Practice

 In Yoga, the nature of the individual student is of prime importance. An understanding of our individual constitution (doshas), physically, emotionally and psychologically, and the prime qualities of nature (gunas) is essential for our health and healing on all levels.  Once our dosha is out of balance, we tend to gravitate toward those things that imbalance it further therefore, we benefit by doing not what feels good at the moment but what we know to be essentially good for us. Ayurveda, which provides the traditional mind-body typology for Yoga practices, will be discussed and routines for balancing the doshas and gunas will be practiced using Yoga for Your Type by Dr. David Frawley and Sandra Summerfield Kozak M.S. and other resources as a guide.  Contact Lakshmi

Yoga for Osteoporisis

Since people who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis may be susceptible to micro fractures and compressions fractures of the spine, certain asanas and exercises are contra-indicated.  People prone to or who have the condition should favor a strengthening routine that emphasizes weight bearing postures and balance, rather than a gentle yoga style, but we will start slow and build up strength to do the postures safely.  Best to get permission of one’s physician and develop one’s practice accordingly.

Please inquire if you have osteopoenia (the pre-cursor to osteoporosis, up to 10% loss of bone mass) or are interested in prevention.  Contact Durga.

Asanas for Strength

Sequence emphasizes standing poses to restore proper posture by increasing flexibility and motility in the legs and hips which are often “locked” from chronic tension. Improves concentration and stamina. 12 wk session. Taught by Durga.

Yoga for Metabolism and Metabiosis

This routine is an energetic work-out stimulating the major organs and glands of the endocrine system.  Metabiosis, in this context, refers to the proper functioning of the organs and relationship for the maintenance and survival of the human body.  Affecting the physical and chemical processes of metabolism for overall health, this approach enhances the therapeutic value of yoga when considering common metabolic disorders such as diabetes, impaired heart and liver function, obesity and a host of other conditions dependent upon metabiosis and generally contributing to the optimal health that is necessary for Sadhana (Spiritual practice). These teachings for this class come from “Yoga Step-By-Step” by Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri.  Contact Lakshmi.

Yoga in Ten Sessions

An invigorating routine improves core strength, balance, & flexibility. Special emphasis on breath control in the asanas and improving muscle awareness. Routine developed by Benedictine monk, Fr. M. Dechanet. Taught by Durga.